Author - UltraSound


Memnon take Finnish Kantele playing and sound tradition to a new modern level by approaching it from totally different perspectives; Memnon combines the unique sound of the Kantele with scandinavian electronic minimalism, and broadens the classical Kantele tradition to encompass experimental audio landscapes.

Eva Alkula graduated from the Sibelius Academy, where she specialised in the study of contemporary and classical Kantele music. Between 1999 and 2000 she studied the Japanese Koto at the Hokkaido University of Education in Sapporo, Japan. In Memnon Eva performs with a newly designed 39-string electric Kantele built by Koistinen Kantele.

Ville Hyvönen is a sound designer and producer working on a wide range of theatre and music projects,ranging from rock to contemporary electronic music and modern stage-drama. During Memnon’s performance Ville uses a laptop computer to sample and manipulate Evas Kantele playing, in real-time.

The Memnon performance on Friday evening was great success in Coffeevolution, and the small space worked very well for their set. Pictures taked by Juha Huuskonen are to the right. Eva and Ville are also members of Grey Zone, and will perform as part of that group on Saturday 26 Nov at Bates Mill.


Pan Sonic

“There is no theory for Pan Sonic. We have no plan. We just make the music”. Mika Vainio

Pan Sonic are probably Finlands most famous electronic musicians. Sinewaves, pulses, electronic squelches, ultrasonic waveforms and a reputation for fearsome live volume levels and atonal indulgence. Pan Sonic have remained true to their original and pioneering use of their special handmade analogue tone generators, more old radio set than synthesisers, with the occasional use of digital samplers for the more rhythmic sounds.