How to Get Better Sound From Your Guitar for Live Performances

Live Guitar Performance

How to Get Better Sound From Your Guitar for Live Performances

With the best electric guitars for beginners can help you choose a guitar, achieving good sound is important especially when you are supposed to perform live. You don’t want to be making mistakes when doing a live performance as this will ruin your play.

However, it is possible for you to achieve a good sound like pros and boost your performance both during practice and on-stage. To realize this, it’s necessary to use the same tactics that professional guitarists use to impress their audience. Below are some tips to help you sound better when you are on stage next time.


For you to achieve nothing but perfection during a live performance, it’s important to prepare adequately. Preparation doesn’t just mean practicing for the performance, but it means ensuring that your tools are working efficiently. Ensuring that your fretboard is clean and that you change your strings can go a long way in making you achieve good sound when performing. You will not only enjoy a great tone with a clean fretboard and new strings, but you’ll also be able to play a lot more smoothly and at ease.

Strive for Accuracy

In order to be reliable with your sound, you need to strive for accuracy. That means being able to play consistently play your guitar at the same level each time. For instance, you’d rather have an 85%-87% accuracy each time you play the guitar than have different playing percentages each time you are on a live stage. By striving for consistency or accuracy in your playing, you will be able to improve your playing skills and ability hence get better with each performance.


When it comes to tone, it all boils down to the gear/accessories you include in your play. You can never underestimate the significance of quality sound and gear. Your accessories can help boost your morale and allow you to maximize your performance. Besides, you don’t have to buy heavy equipment to enhance your sound, but you need to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls that most guitarists encounter in a bid to achieve quality sound.

Be Comfortable

Being comfortable is one of the tricks that legendary guitarists employ when they have a live performance. Your soul, body, and mind need to be in sync for you to achieve a state of comfort. Being comfortable means showing the right image on stage which includes how you dress. If you are not comfortable in what you are dressed in, you won’t be comfortable when performing. Also, ensure that you are comfortable and in sync with everyone in your band as this is very important in a live performance.

Give it Your Best

If you want to be memorable and please your audience, you always have to give your best performance. In order to accomplish this, you’re required to put in the work by spending several hours a day practicing before the day of your live performance. This is the only way that you and your band can be in synch and give a performance worth a standing ovation.


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