Slip and Fall Injuries at Music Festivals – More Common Then You Might Think

Slip and Fall Injuries at Music Festivals – More Common Then You Might Think

Music festivals are the the ultimate music experience as the festival goers get to experience and maybe if they are lucky even meet with their favourite musicians. The attendance of music festivals has been on an upward trajectory and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. According to the Aloompa Festival Demand Report 2016 the number of Americans who attended a music festival increased from 44% in 2014 to 51% in 2015.

This large number of attenders has led to an increase in injuries and especialy slip and fall injuries.Unfortunately these injuries are largely ignored since they are viewed as minor injuries compared to those caused by stampedes, mosh pits and crowd surfing. They are also wide ranging therefore it is difficult to show that they all result from the same cause. They therefore do not get as much attention as the injuries caused by other reasons. This is especially evident when you look at the injuries that are reported at these festivals. Slip and fall injuries are especially common where there has been precipitation on or just before the festival begins, hence resulting in a slippery surface. It can also be caused by tripping or due to intoxication from the drugs therefore makin it easy to fall.

Some of the injuries that can be classified as slip and fall injuries at musical festivals are:


These are injuries in the joints that are caused by twisting the joint, they range from mild short lasting pain to being very painful. However they are easily treatable and recovery is quick.


Dislocations occur when the fall results in a bone moving from its original location in the joint. They are more severe than sprains since they are more painful and the dislocated limb cannot be used until it is treated. However a dislocation does not result in further complication especially if treated early.


A fracture is caused when a bone is broken. It is imperative that a person who suffers a fracture should seek immediate medical attention from the first aid tents at the music festival to avoid further complications.

Head Injuries

Some unfortunate festival goers fall and hit their heads hard on the ground. These injuries range in severity from simple head bumps to concusions and hemorhages. SInce it is difficut to asses how severe a head injury is, the injured should seek medcal attention immediately.

Slips and falls may also result in other injuries such as cuts, bruises, scrapes and lacerations. These injuries can be treated easily at the first aid tents at the festival or at nearby hospitals and the festival goer can even return and continue enjoying the festival.

Due to the wide range of the injuries that result from sliping and falling and the fact that from a first glance they may apper as if they are not related. Adding this to the fact that these injuries are ignored since they rarerly result in fatalities or large scale injuries you end up with the conclusion that slip and fall injuries are indeed more common than you might think.

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